Our Indianola Deli & Bakery

Our Story

Funaro's Deli & Bakery of Indianola, Iowa, owned by Greg and Sondra Funaro, is the latest in a long line of Funaro family establishments, begun over 80 years ago, in the greater Des Moines area. Our patriarch was Greg's grandfather, who moved here from Italy in the early 1900s and opened Krispy Krust Bakery in Des Moines, which he later passed on to his son and Greg's father, Frank Funaro. Greg spent time working there until it closed in the 1970s, and he also assisted his brother, Charlie, who opened and ran Funaro's Italian Bakery for a number of years.

Then, in 1996, Greg and Sondra decided to open their own business, a country store along the highway in Indianola. With baking in his blood, Greg offered cinnamon rolls, bread and other baked goods, along with Sondra's handmade baskets. Later the same year our restaurant, Funaro's Deli & Bakery was opened at its existing location at 201 North Buxton Street on the Indianola Town Square. 

Join Us for Your Meal 

At Funaro's we have many loyal customers, and we like to think that is at least partly attributable to the fun, friendly and cozy environment found in our deli and bakery. Amidst several smaller tables, we also have longer community style seating, designed for folks to feel comfortable in starting up conversations with their neighbors and us. Greg, Sondra and the staff are in the same room with you, where you order, retrieve your own beverage, watch your food being prepared, eat and socialize. It is really like a large Italian family gathering. 

The other reason for our loyal following? The food, of course! Fresh baked breakfast items, Hoagies for the fresh deli sandwiches (we offer other breads too), and of course the cookies. Just ask!!

Check out our menu and return often to our website to see what soups are offered every day, as well as what the Italian Friday Special is each week.